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From elite surfing to taking competitive jumps 

What's the difference? 


The Preload is our hybrid shortboard and is available in midlength and shortboard sizes. As a midlength, it is the easiest board to surf in this range but as it drops into the shortboard range it is similar in performance to the aero, but with added hold in the bigger conditions.

The @lukestonesurf

The @lukestonesurf pro model is the all-round performance surfboard for expert-level surfers. Works well in anything and everything! Developed to suit luke and his powerful, explosive surfing style!


The Blaze and the Barracuda are our boards of choice for soft, small conditions. Aimed to be a great 1st shortboard for the progressing intermediate or for the expert looking for a fun cruisy style.


The aero is our everyday performance shortboard for advanced-level surfers. Perfect in small 2-4ft waves, and developing in the pocket manoeuvers. 

The Spark

The Spark is our step-up board for experienced surfers when the waves get big and chunky! Great for big controlled power turns and carves, and not afraid of going vertical in the pocket!

We have these boards available to demo,Come and try them out! 

Need help matching yourself up with your perfect board?

Check out our quick guide or we have a friendly team ready to pair you up- pop on down or send us an enquiry

not sure what model to choose?

Here is our model guide

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