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Surfboards Uk Ltd Preload Model 


Surfer level: Intermediate - Advanced

Wave height: 1ft - 5ft (knee high - way overhead)

Construction: EPS, Epoxy

Fin system: Futures

Fin set up: Thruster (3 fins)

Tail: subtle wing to rounded pin


6'4, 6'6, 6'8 & 7'0 Available to demo


All our surfboards are made to order, lead times may vary, we do have boards in stock which are available in our shop or for 2-3 day delivery. Get in touch to see what we have in stock! 


Name origin: The 'Preload' name came from our MDs' previous work of being in World superbikes, often adjusting the 'preload' would solve a lot of problems. So we found it fitting that our most versatile board in our range was named after something that is the answer to most problems or in our case conditions.


Description: The Preload is our most versatile surfboard in our range. It can accommodate a surfer progressing from whitewater to someone who's linking turns and smashing the lip. If there was one board you could take through the progression of surfing then this would be the one.


Catching waves: The Preload is a classic hybrid full nose and fairly wide outline, it's designed to catch waves and make paddling easy. This combined with our unique rocker makes this the best board for paddling in its size!


Manoeuvrability:  With a tightly pulled in tail the preload gives you the response and control that you need, from learning your first cutback to blowing the fins out! 


Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask. Here at surfboards UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We are always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who would like some help, to make sure you get the right surfboard for you.


All our new surfboards at Surfboard UK Ltd come with our 1 year warranty, so free surf board ding repairs, and comes with a 1-year buyback guarantee


At Surfboards UK Ltd we can completely custom design any surfboard, from any shape to any graphics. For custom surfboards please email -


All of our epoxy surfboards are made here in the UK, at our surf shop in Newquay TR8 4PU, and are made using the top materials, locally sourced wherever possible. Here at surfboards UK, every Surf board we make is ECOBOARD Project verified. This means that we are verified to produce a board with the same technical attributes as any modern surfboards, whilst having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.


Come down to our Surf shop and see all our surfboards for sale and have a look around our surfboard factory to see how to make a surfboard!