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Here at Surfboards UK Ltd we are more than just a surf shop – we are your partners in progression. Our aim is to make your surfing progression effortless, enjoyable and sustainable. We want to make sure you find the right surfboard for you and that that surf board is strong, durable and made with sustainabilty in mind. We go the extra mile to give you the best service we can provide.

We have heavily invested in to our demo rack so that we have as much variety as possible. Regardless of your ability if you wanted to try out a surfboard we probably have 2-3 options for you to choose from! By giving you the ability to try aload of different surfboards it stops the chance of you buying a surfboard that doesn’t work for you, keeping your surfing journey enjoyable! If you are struggling to find the right surfboard we will even come surfing with you!

We are stripping back the waffle, keeping it basic, choosing a surfboard is difficult enough without adding meaningless gimmicky sales points, we want you to be able to look at our range and find it easy to narrow down which surfboard will work for you. Durablity is always at the forefront of our mind, our surfboards aren’t bullet proof but they are drop and knock proof. If you do damage your surfboard we offer free ding repairs on all our surfboards! We also offer a 50% buy back guarantee so when you are ready to upgrade your surfboard its completly hassle free. All this so it is easy to choose your surf board, easy to look after your surfboard and easy to replace your surfboard, effortless.

All our surfboards are eco project verified which means that we are verified to produce a surfboard with the same technical attributes as any modern surfboard, whilst having reduced environmental and toxic impacts. In our Surf shop we only use bio eco resin that has 29% Bio carbon content! And we have sourced our surfboard blanks within the uk, where majority of other manufactures get blanks shipped in from the US or even austraila! All this to ensure we can try to make our surfboards more sustainable.

Above all else we care about your surfing, we are not in this game for money, (trust me there are better ways to make money haha). We dont care about money, we dont care about making sale and we dont care about shoving our latest model down your throat insisting it will make you a pro. We care about you, we care about surfing, we care about making a strong durable product.

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Stephen Stone

The man, the myth, the legend, does all the behind the scenes work, from making all the surfboards to social media and marketing content. Does not stop working, always willing to go the extra mile. I mean that literally too, when not surfing or making surfboards he is out running, sometimes running as far as 100miles in one go!

From a young age, Stephen always had a passion for making and creating anything and everything. In 2018 Stephen combined this passion with his love for surfing and started making surfboards for Surfboards UK Ltd. Since then he has made 100s of surfboards all the way from start to finish, including a 24k gold surfboard! As a perfectionist, he is continuously developing and changing how we make surfboards, breaking down each process to the smallest detail until the process is impeccable.


When it comes to surfing Stephen is adequately average, in his own words 'I am redefining surfing and the way judges score waves, by giving them a use for negative numbers!' This 'averageness' (no offence Stephen if you're reading this) allows him to relate to other surfers who are struggling to progress there surfing. This then enables him to apply this when he is designing our surfboards, tweaking features that only someone who is going through the struggle of surfing will think of! 

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Luke Stone

Luke is our resident pufferfish , he practically lives in the sea! And whenever he does a turn he puffs out his cheeks! He is our no.1 team rider and brand ambassador who does all of our surfboard testings as well as being one of the best surf coaches in the country. If he's not in the water training he is in the water teaching.


Surf coaching has been a passion for Luke ever since he taught his first lesson. Luke loves progressing in his own surfing and helping others progress themselves. Analysing his surfing and other peoples really helps him and us to break down how we can make the best surfboards for that particular person and progressing the surfboard. Having a surf coach as part of the team gives us first-hand experience seeing what people struggle with when they first start surfing. As well as this it is priceless when answering enquiries and making sure people have the right surfboard under there feet.

Luke lives and breathes surfing, he surfs every single day no matter the conditions. Currently an up and coming surfer on the UK pro surf tour, he is definitely one to keep an eye on! Luke is key for pushing our performance side of surfing, being able to push the limits of any surfboard we give him. He has an uncanny ability to feel any changes on a surfboard, which makes our surfboard developing effortless with his input!  


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