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We are a family business that wants to progress surfing as a whole sport with the skills we have, all whilst pushing to be as eco-friendly as possible! 


Surfboards UK Ltd started out as a hobby.  Stephens love for designing new things and doing them in a different way combined with Lukes love for surfing and progression means we get the best of both worlds in a surfboard.  This enables us to construct boards incredibly well and design them for a specific reason to help you overcome the struggles of surfing.

Whilst progressing up through surfing, we have been into countless shops and have been sold boards, that firstly we didn't actually need and secondly that didn't necessarily work for us. This is when we saw a gap in the market for a company that's objective is to get the right surfboard underneath your feet. Our sole focus is on providing the best and most honest customer feedback. We will happily turn away a sale in order to get what is best for the customer. Our goal is to build an impenetrable long term reputation for providing value to the customer without taking it from their pocket. 

We also noticed a lot of other companies claiming gimmicky sale points that we couldn't wrap our heads around. We soon realised that all they are, are gimmicky sale points, that fundamentally don't affect your surfing enough for you to feel it. We are stripping surfing back to the basics to make it easier for you to understand. We're not going to blind you with fancy technical terms, everything we make is tested and proven to do what it says it does.

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Stephen Stone

The man, the myth, the legend, does all the behind the scenes work, from making all the boards to social media and marketing content. Does not stop working, he could be a robot we're not sure.. yet to be confirmed. 

From a young age, Stephen always had a passion for making and creating anything and everything. In 2018 Stephen combined this passion with his love for surfing and started making surfboards for Surfboards UK Ltd. Since then he has made 100s of surfboards all the way from start to finish, including a 24k gold surfboard! As a perfectionist, he is continuously developing and changing how we make surfboards, breaking down each process to the smallest detail until the process is impeccable.


When it comes to surfing Stephen is adequately average, in his own words 'I am redefining surfing and the way judges score waves, by giving them a use for negative numbers!' This 'averageness' (no offence Stephen if you're reading this) allows him to relate to other surfers who are struggling to progress there surfing. This then enables him to apply this when he is designing our surfboards, tweaking features that only someone who is going through the struggle of surfing will think of! 

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Luke Stone

Luke is our resident pufferfish , he practically lives in the sea! And whenever he does a turn he puffs out his cheeks! He is our no.1 team rider and brand ambassador who does all of our surfboard testings as well as being one of the best surf coaches in the country. If he's not in the water training he is in the water teaching.


Surf coaching has been a passion for Luke ever since he taught his first lesson. Luke loves progressing in his own surfing and helping others progress themselves. Analysing his surfing and other peoples really helps him and us to break down how we can make the best boards for that particular person and progressing the surfboard. Having a surf coach as part of the team gives us first-hand experience seeing what people struggle with when they first start surfing. As well as this it is priceless when answering enquiries and making sure people have the right board under there feet.

Luke lives and breathes surfing, he surfs every single day no matter the conditions. Currently an up and coming surfer on the UK pro surf tour, he is definitely one to keep an eye on! Luke is key for pushing our performance side of surfing, being able to push the limits of any board we give him. He has an uncanny ability to feel any changes on a surfboard, which makes our surfboard developing effortless with his input!  


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