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What sets us apart from most surfboard manufacturers, who simply buy their materials, we work with manufacturers to develop the materials we use. This intimate contact we have gained with these materials allows us to get a good understanding of the fundamentals of how they work and we can spot small details that are often overlooked. We are then able to capitalise on these details to make stronger, harder and more durable surfboards. 


In this little video, we aimed to put our surfboards to the test against some 'accidental' damage. The first test was knocking it over from a surfboard rack, which funny enough I actually had to re-shoot 3 times haha! But the surfboard came away pretty much mark-free every time! The next test is slightly more realistic when your surfboard slides out the boot of your car and onto the concrete. Again pretty much mark-free apart from a couple of scratches. Keeping it realistic our next test was your surfboard falling off your car roof. Was particularly difficult to film this one, it felt so wrong, and I was worried about how well it would hold up. I was pleasantly surprised to find the surf board still completely watertight, this one did leave a mark but nothing that is in desperate need of repair. The final test was actually accidental, as we caught our boss taking a little tumble on the CCTV. Again has a couple of little marks but it is all still watertight. Was surprised to see no damage to the fin boxes on this one too! Overall really happy to see how well our surfboards hold up against the everyday bumps and bruises! But of course, more extensive accidents will occur and that's when our ding warranty comes in! All our surfboards come with free ding repairs, to make maintaining your surfboard easy and affordable! 


EPS Epoxy surfboards have advantages not only in the sea with performance but also in our surf shop in the manufacturing process. 

The beauty of having an EPS core compared to PU is that EPS can be broken down and then compacted back together. This allows us to recycle every bit of waste from our blanks and even make boards out of the recycled waste. All our waste is taken back to where it is produced and given a new life, whether it's packaging, building insulation or even into another surfboard blank.

Surfboards uk ltd recycling eps surfboard.jpg


Moving on to the 'shaping' we use a precision shaping CNC machine meaning we can get everything you want from concave to your dims with millimetre precision, reducing the amount of human error. This means once your file is saved with us we will be able to replicate the exact same board over and over again or tweak it if needs be.

Moving from the machine it's finished up by hand, then straight into the laminating room where we are using premium quality fiberglass and aerospace spec carbon fibre to make our Epoxy surfboards light, strong and durable.

Stephen stone shaping an orca model for surfboards uk ltd.jpg


If we move on to laminating the epoxy surfboards, straight away you notice the epoxy resin we use is a lot more environmentally friendly with a 29% biocarbon content. It also has a lot fewer hazardous chemicals which makes it so much safer to work with. Not only is it safer and better for the environment but it is 4x stronger than PU resin! 


This is why we can offer a warranty on every epoxy surfboard!

Stephen stone laminating an epoxy surfboard at surfboards uk ltd - barracuda.jpg


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