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Our surfboards have been rigorously tested so we are extremely confident in our surfboards. So much so that we want to pass the confidence on to you. Which is why we give you free ding repairs and an easy hassle-free way of trading in your surfboard. 



12 months of FREE ding repairs, which will be extended if surfboard is well looked after. 

This sounds too good to be true!? How are you able to offer this as a free service? Well, I'm glad I asked.... The answer is simple, We make our epoxy surfboards lighter and 4x stronger than your average pu surfboard and are extremely confident in our processes. The chances are, providing you don't have an accident, your board will stay ding free and you won't need to use the warranty at all. They're not bulletproof but they sure are substantially more, knock proof, drop proof and rock proof, with that being said please don't test this if you can help it haha! But the occasional accidental drop or knock and it will be fine! 

What will void the warranty?

Any work that is not carried out by us. (bad repairs often lead to more damage!)  


Snapping your board. (We have yet to have a board snap, however, unfortunately, it's just as easy to make a new surfboard. We will be fair in giving as much support as possible)

Neglect to surfboard will void the warranty (e.g leaving in a hot car/excessive dings/ left unattended dings). Read below on looking after your surfboard.

How to look after your Epoxy surfboard properly

First and foremost make sure the board is always watertight before going in the sea. If any dings crop up just bring into the surf shop and we will fix it for free!

Having a board bag for transport can help a lot with preventing dings! Most repairs we do are from accidents that occur outside the water!

Lastly, DON'T leave it in the sun or worse in a hot car! When epoxy gets hot it becomes soft and flexible which can lead to dings or even delamination!

If you're ever in doubt contact us, on phone, email, Instagram, however, you like, and we will give you advice.




A guarantee that we will trade in your board for 50% of the value within 12 months. 

Having personally owned well over 20+ surfboards I know how much of a pain they can be! They're a hassle to try and sell and end up sat in the garage collecting in dust for years or even decades! With our buyback guarantee, this is no longer an issue and you'll never be stuck with a board you can't sell. 

It also means you are able to switch between our different models for an affordable price. This allows you to advance and progress your surfing without being held back by your equipment and without hurting your pocket!


How it works.


For example, if you're just starting surfing you may buy our beginner surfboard, our E board at £600. After surfing on that you've increased your ability and got much better. You can then trade that surfboard in for 50% of your money back! So your next surfboard will only cost you £300 for a brand new surfboard! Having this guarantee means you can keep increasing your surfing ability at a rapid pace instead of being stuck on one surfboard.

If you decide you wanted to keep with the same surfboard we can extend the guarantee and still offer you a very fair price if it's over the 12 months. 50% is only guaranteed if the board has been well looked after and is relatively ding free, this will be determined with the discretion from Surfboards UK Ltd.

If you would like any more information pop into our surf shop or drop us an email:

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