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5 tips for choosing the right surfboard

Watch our quick video below to help you choose the right board. Or Equally give us a call/ pop in. We're not salesman round here , just surf obessed guys wanting to match you with your perfect surfboard

1-Know your ability:

Be truthful with yourself about your ability, avoid going too short too soon. We see it all the time where people go too short, they aren't catching waves, they're not progressing their surfing and they are not having fun! Often this can lead to people losing their passion and falling out of love with surfing, there should be a law against that!!!

2- Where do you want to progress your surfing? What style of surfing do you like? Is your board restricting your progression?:

We are all on our own little journey and all will take different steps along the way, so identifying your next step in your journey and where you want to go with your surfing is a big factor in choosing your board. Whether that's aiming to take to the sky on a shortboard or chill on the nose on a longboard, whatever your goal, have it in mind when choosing your surfboard. This is where the first tip is key! You have to identify areas you want to improve on and ask yourself whether your current surfboard is restricting your improvement. This is a lot easier said than done because it is far easier to say 'I need a new board' rather than 'I need to catch 1000 waves and put in the practice'.

3- How often you surf:

Unfortunately, surfing is not like riding a bike! If you haven't surfed in a few months you're going to be a bit rusty on your feet! So you have to choose your next board with this in mind. For example, if you know you won't be able to surf regularly it's probably not a good idea to ditch the foamie for a shortboard, take a smaller step instead so it's more forgiving when you come back to it. Also, paddle fitness can massively drop with time out of the water, so if you're not surfing regularly choose a board that is easy to paddle into waves.

4- Size of waves you surf

Another time where you need to be truthful with yourself, is the size of the waves you surf. Did that fluke set that scared you feel like 10 trucks heading towards you? Or in reality, could you stand up next to it and it would be waist-high? That is an example from a personal experience haha! Having a board suited to the conditions you surf will make your surfing easier and a lot more enjoyable.

5- If in doubt try it out

Pretty self-explanatory really, but the more boards you can try out the better! It will help you understand your ability and give you a taste of the different steps that are available to you. Here at Surfboards UK Ltd, we have over 20 demo boards available in different sizes for you to try out. Come down to the surf shop and our team can point you in the right direction and help find 'The right board for you.' 

check out our model guide

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