Surfboards UK Ltd Aero model 


Surfer level: Advanced - Elite

Wave height: 0-4ft (ground high - a little overhead)

Construction: EPS, EPOXY

Fin system: Futures 

Fin set up: Thruster (3 fins)  

Tail: Squash


Please note:  All these are standard options. We do offer custom surfboards which can be altered to suit you. And can be made in as quick as 4 days from order.   


Name origin: This board was named after it is our first model in our aerospace carbon fibre range. Our team riders all said this board flies so it was only fitting to call this 'Aero' 


Description: The Aero is made for the everyday conditions we get here in the UK. This board is an excellent way to progress your surfing when the waves aren't the best and you want to make the most of what's out there. It's the board our team riders ride the most as 'it keeps them motivated to surf even when it looks awful'. The speed of this board is what sets itself apart from any board on the market, from the design to the construction this board will harness every bit of power out of any small/mushy wave. 


Catching waves: The outline shape of the aero is suited to catching a lot of waves due to its full nose, wide area across the chest, a domed deck to give more hidden volume and a low rocker. The Aero paddles into mushy waves with ease and minimal energy. 


Manoeuvrability:  Doming the deck allows us to keep the rails pinched, precise and responsive, whilst giving you volume to get over flat sections keeping speed. Keeping the tail wide allows a slightly looser feeling underneath the back foot so when the waves aren't giving you much, you still have the freedom to push your surfing to that next level. 



Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask. Here at surfboards UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We are always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who would like some help.


All our new surfboards at Surfboards UK Ltd come with a 1-year buyback guarantee and 1-year warranty.


At Surfboards UK Ltd we can completely custom design any surfboard, from any shape to any graphics. For custom surfboards please email -


All of our epoxy surfboards are made here in the UK, in Newquay Cornwall, using the top materials, locally sourced wherever possible. Here at surfboards UK, every Surfboard we make is ECOBOARD Project verified.

This means that we are verified to produce a board with the same technical attributes as any modern surfboards, whilst having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.


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  • How to look after your new epoxy surfboard

    First and foremost make sure the board is always water tight before going in the sea. If any dings crop up just bring into the surf shop and we will fix it for free!

    Having a board bag for transport can help alot with preventing dings! Most repairs we do are from accidents that occur outside the water!

    Lastly DON'T leave it in the sun or worse in a hot car! When epoxy gets hot it becomes soft and flexible which can lead to dings or even delamination!

    If you're ever in doubt contact us, on phone, email, instagram, however you like, and we will give you advice.