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Surfboard hire is the best way to find the right board for you! We have 20+ surfboards available to hire! They are all completley different so we have surfboards for all styles and ability! Ranging in size and shape from 5'10 to 7'10!

Hire for
£25 per day

Surfboards UK Ltd Surfboard hire range square 1.jpg

Why hire a surfboard?

Surfboard hire or surboard demos are a great way to progress your surfing and save money. By hiring a surfboard it gives you the freedom to experiment on different shapes and different sizes without burning a hole in your pocket! Looking back at my surfing progression I wish I had spent hundreds on surfboard hire rather than thousands on surfboards! With that being said here at Surfboards UK Ltd we refund the hire charge if you buy a board from us, making the hire charge completely free! It would be rude not too! 

Surfboard hire range

Surfboards UK ltd - surboard display room.jpg

E Board - 7'10 - 7'6 - 7'0

Beluga - 7'6 - 7'0

HPM - 7'10 - 7'6 - 7'0

Shark - 7'10 - 7'6 - 7'2

Preload - 7'0 - 6'8 - 6'6 - 6'4

Orca - 6'4 - 6'2 - 6'0

Barracuda - 6'4 - 6'2 - 6'0 - 5'9

Aero - 5'10

LPM - 5'11

We are about 3 miles from the nearest beach so do bear in mind that you will need to be able to trasport the surfboard, we do have bags to help enable a safe travel. If this is a problem we also stock Ticket to ride based at watergate as well as stoked based at perranporth

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