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Surfboards UK Ltd HPM Model


Surfer level: beginner - advanced

Wave height: 1ft - 4ft (knee high - overhead)

Construction: EPS, Epoxy

Fins system: Futures 

Fin set up: 2 + 1 

tail shape: Pulled in round pin


7'0, 7'6 & 7'10 available to demo


All our surfboards are made to order, lead times may vary, we do have boards in stock which are available in our shop or for 2-3 day delivery. Get in touch to see what we have in stock! 


Name origin: The HPM simply stands for 'High-Performance Mal' 


Description: The HPM is designed to have some fun on the open-faced waves the perfect mini mal surfboard. Whether you're looking for something to have fun on those small days, Something easier to handle or To progress your level of surfing. The HPM achieves this with ease and is a must-have in everyone's quiver! It has been surfed by beginners all the way to advanced surfers and has been our most successful in the surf school scene. It's been hired out the most and the feedback has been extremely positive.


Catching waves: The HPM sticks with the traditional mal shape towards the front of the board making wave catching easy and paddling fast. With a low balanced rocker that is unique to us, this board gets you into waves just as well as a longboard. "It paddles as fast as a longboard, but with 2ft less of the board to have to handle."  


Manoeuvrability: To make this board suitable for all abilities we made the tail responsive but kept the front foot fairly stable. This allows for a tight turning arc off your back foot but keeps stability if your slow getting to your feet. This makes it perfect for learning your first few turns and cutbacks.


Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask. Here at surfboards UK Ltd, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We are always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who would like some help, to make sure you get the right surfboard for you.


All our new surfboards at Surfboard UK Ltd come with our 1 year warranty, so free surf board ding repairs, and comes with a 1-year buyback guarantee


At Surfboards UK Ltd we can completely custom design any surfboard, from any shape to any graphics. For custom surfboards please email -


All of our epoxy surfboards are made here in the UK, at our surf shop in Newquay TR8 4PU, and are made using the top materials, locally sourced wherever possible. Here at surfboards UK, every Surf board we make is ECOBOARD Project verified. This means that we are verified to produce a board with the same technical attributes as any modern surfboards, whilst having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.


Come down to our Surf shop and see all our surfboards for sale and have a look around our surfboard factory to see how to make a surfboard!



  • First and foremost make sure the board is always water tight before going in the sea. If any dings crop up just bring into the surf shop and we will fix it for free!

    Having a board bag for transport can help alot with preventing dings! Most repairs we do are from accidents that occur outside the water!

    Lastly DON'T leave it in the sun or worse in a hot car! When epoxy gets hot it becomes soft and flexible which can lead to dings or even delamination!

    If you're ever in doubt contact us, on phone, email, instagram, however you like, and we will give you advice.

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