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 surfboard ding repairs

What damage can be repaired?

Do you do epoxy surfboard repairs?

how much will it cost?

From a crack to a crease or even a ripped-out fin box! If there's any damage to your surfboard, Surfboards UK Ltd will be able to repair it. 

Being one of few, if not the only factory, purely set up to work with epoxy, epoxy surfboard repairs are second nature for Surfboards UK Ltd

For a quick and easy quote for your ding repair, simply attach a photo of your damaged surfboard and send it to or call our surf shop 01637 873319

Can you repair SUPs? (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Can you repair Firewire/ slater design surfboards?

I have a crack in my surfboard do I need it repaired?

Yes, we can! Epoxy, eps, carbon fibre as  long as it's not inflatable we will be able to repair your sup! If you are unsure please get in touch.

Yes, although more difficult than other surfboards, we can do firewire/slater design surfboard repairs.

Providing it is water tight it should be fine. By Water tight I mean if water can get to the foam core. If you are unsure send us a picture to



Quick and professional repairs, repaired within 1-2 weeks


Full inspection over your surfboard to make sure no other signs of dings.

We will dewax and re-wax your board, all part of the service.

We also have demo boards available, so you're never left without a surfboard. 

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